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Denise Albright

Gratitude Journal with Stickers for Boys

Gratitude Journal with Stickers for Boys

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Boost Your Kiddo's Attitude of Gratitude!

Kids often talk more about what their friends have that they don't or how they can't do what someone else can without realizing all they DO have and CAN do. Teaching them to find the good things in their own lives is critical to their positive self-image.

Spending just a few minutes each day with the Gratitude Finder Journal, writing about things for which they think are "Seriously Cool," or "Best Day Ever," will help keep their minds on the positive track!

The Gratitude Finder is a 52-week (non-dated) gratitude journal with bright & colorful layouts so they can start/restart whenever they want.

- 177 totally awesome stickers included
- Water-resistant hardcover
- Elastic enclosure and tabs with inspirational quotes

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